Question: Hi. I am stumped on the name of a television show that was on in the early '90s. Action Jackson star Carl Weathers played with two co-stars whose names were Malloy and Grady, and I believe it was on Sunday nights. If it helps, Grady was a martial artist who was constantly out to avenge his parents' deaths. Malloy owned the bar that the trio hung out in. Can you help? Thanks. — Tomira

Televisionary: No problem, Tomira. Allow me to unstump you.

Weathers (Rocky, Predator) did indeed star in the syndicated Street Justice, which was produced from 1991-93. As Sgt. Adam Beaudreaux, Weathers was a cop who spent his downtime at the watering hole he co-owned with Malloy (Charlene Fernetz), whose father was Beaudreaux's former partner.

Helping in the crime-fighting department was Grady Jamieson (Bryan Genesse), a fleet-footed and -fisted acquaintance from Beaudreaux's stint in 'Nam. Another cast member of note: Will and Grace star Eric McCormack, who played a young police officer in the last year the series was shot.