Question: There is going to be a new show on TV called Last Call and it has Carson Daly on it. Is he leaving Total Request Live so he can do that show? — Whitney S.

Televisionary: Oh, what the heck — let's make it three New York-related questions in a row.

No, Whitney, you and the other

TRL fans will still be able to clog the sidewalks of Times Square — heartthrob host Daly ain't going anywhere. However, you'll now be able to mob him in two places, since Last Call, formerly known as Later when it was hosted by Bob Costas, tapes in the same Manhattan studios as Saturday Night Live. As I write this, the show is scheduled to premiere Jan. 7 (at 1:35 am/ET the night before this column goes up — hope you enjoyed it). Guests scheduled for tonight and the rest of this week include Gwyneth Paltrow, Suge Knight and Jon Stewart.