Question: What does "the final season of Six Feet Under sounds like it's gonna be killer" mean (Ask Ausiello 5/18)? Got any tidbits or outright spoilers for us? Will TV's hottest couple, David and Keith, travel to either Montreal or Boston and finally tie the knot? Now that would be killer. — Markus

Ausiello: That "killer" comment was a pun. Get it? Six Feet Under. Killer. Oh, forget it. As far as TV's most boring, er, hottest couple goes, I don't know anything about a wedding, but they do decide to start a family via surrogate mother, played by Jennifer Elise Cox. I also hear there's gonna be a, um, killer dream sequence in which Ruth (Frances Conroy) is visited by all of her past loves. And that includes her dead hubby, that riotous dweeb from The Office and Dr. Ehrlich from St. Elsewhere.