Question: Did Richard Crenna play one of the husbands on Bewitched, or was he Dexter Boynton on Our Miss Brooks? Where can I find biographical information about him? — Harriet

Televisionary: Actually, Harriet, Mr. Crenna played the endearingly simple Walter Denton, the student who gave English teacher Connie Brooks (Eve Arden) a ride to school every morning, on Our Miss Brooks. Philip Boynton (Robert Rockwell) was the name of Madison High's shy bio teacher, who was the object of Miss Brooks' unreturned affection on the series. Crenna appeared on the CBS show from its 1952 debut until 1955 (it left the air the following year) and then went on to play Luke McCoy on ABC's The Real McCoys in 1957. (He stayed with that through its jump to CBS in 1962 and its demise a year later.)

As for Samantha's hubby, there was only one Darrin Stephens on Bewitched, but two different actors who played him (Dick York from 1964-69 and Dick Sargent from 1969-72). Me, I was always partial to York's "Derwood." He was just plain wackier.

For a short Crenna biography, you can visit his page at the American Veteran Awards site.