Randy and Evi Quaid Randy and Evi Quaid

Evi and Randy Quaid did not appear at a hearing Monday in Santa Barbara, Calif., where they are accused of ducking out on an $10,000-odd hotel bill. If they do not show for court Monday, they may be extradited from Texas, reports E! News.

Though their appearance at the arraignment was voluntary, it was made perfectly clear that their absence would initiate formal extradition proceedings. The Quaids have hired a new attorney who has requested another arraignment date Monday, at which the Quaids are expected to appear.

Randy Quaid and wife arrested in Texas

The district attorney's office is taking no chances. "We are going to start the extradition paperwork, but it will take two or three weeks to complete it at least, so if they want to voluntarily appear next Monday, that is fine," Lee Carter, a Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office spokesman, said.

Cop suing Evi Quaid over posted sign

On Oct. 26, the Quaids will "be subject to criminal arraignment, and they will either be able to bail bond out if they want to post a bail, or they can be released on their own recognizance if the judge deems that appropriate," Carter added.