A Project Runway marathon? Really? Didn't the show just start? I was hoping at the very least that this series would have a new episode and not a rerun this week. Oh well, I did get to catch the awesome Barbie episode, which I had missed the first time around because of a TV overload conflict. Nick so deserved to win with his funky and fun doll. Too bad Santino had to be such a sore loser about it. I really liked Santino in the first episode and admired his efforts in the "Clothes Off Your Back" challenge. But after this and his non-team-player attitude during the lingerie ep, I'm beginning to see him in a more irritating light. I guess that makes for good TV, though. And not sure if I've mentioned it or not, but I secretly have a soft spot for Tim Gunn. He's helpful without being preachy or condescending and actually really seems to offer up some practical tips for the aspiring designers. On most reality shows, you just see the judges sniping without offering any constructive criticism or tips. Here, that's not the case: Gunn is really a mentor and perhaps that's why it is so much more enjoyable to watch than a lot of other reality shows.   Angel Cohn


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