Kate Walsh by Bob D'Amico/ABC Kate Walsh by Bob D'Amico/ABC

Even with a new television series starting up, Kate Walsh isn't too busy to plan her upcoming wedding to studio exec Alex Young. "It's super top-secret," the Private Practice star tells TV Guide. "It's going to be a destination [wedding]. I can say that. I'm delegating as much as I can, but it's still kind of crazy."

Despite moving on from Grey's Anatomy, Walsh explained at an L.A. party honoring skincare maven Kate Somerville that there remains a place in her heart for her former cast mates. " Grey's is like my family and everyone there is so amazing," she reflects. Leaving behind the show's recent turmoil, however, wasn't difficult. "I try to remove myself from the politics," she says. "The only politics I want to get involved with are world politics. Those are the meaningful ones. It's more interesting to me what's happening in Darfur or Kabul than what's happening on the set of Grey's."

On Private Practice, Dr. Addison Montgomery will face fertility angst, a story line Walsh believes many viewers can identify with. "I think there are a lot of women in our culture right now that are career people who all of a sudden wake up in their thirties and forties and go, 'Oh my god! I've got to have kids,'" she says. Walsh, 39, insists she and her fiancé are in no rush to start a family. 'We're not even thinking about children right now," she says. "I'm just enjoying being engaged and looking forward to being married and I'm really happy about that." - Reporting Bekah Wright