Taye Diggs, Private Practice Taye Diggs, Private Practice

Two hours of Private Practice are airing Thursday (9/8c on ABC). Besides the giant meth-induced explosion at Dell's house, the double dose of the show promises some family drama. To get a taste of what we're in for, TVGuide.com chatted with Taye Diggs, who spilled that Addison (Kate Walsh) and Sam are definitely not over. He also teases the possibility of another crossover with Grey's Anatomy.

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TVGuide.com: In this week's two-hour episode, Sam and Naomi (Audra McDonald) are learning new things about their daughter. What can you tell me about that story line?
Taye Diggs:
We're forced to spend a little more time physically together because obviously our daughter — who knows whether or not she's sexually active. It throws us both for a loop. You see how we handle the situation and how we handle the new dynamic of being separated and how you're forced to come together to figure out a family crisis.

TVGuide.com: Is their daughter pregnant?
She is not! No. [Laughs] It's the idea that she could be in the future because that's what happens with the birds and the bees. I think we get so upset, at least Naomi gets so upset because that's something she never wants to happen.

TVGuide.com: What's going on really with Sam and Naomi? Do you want to see them together?
I think the writers have done a really great job of portraying an accurate view of a relationship. These guys have been together for a really long time. They don't know what their relationship is truly outside the one they've had forever. I love the fact that they're letting these two characters breathe a little bit. I don't think it would be crazy if they got back together. It's fun to explore Sam single, though.

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TVGuide.com: I'm part of the fan group that wants to see Addison and Sam get together, actually. 
I think that makes for good television. If Naomi ever found out, I think the crap would definitely hit the fan and I think that's always fun to watch on the boob tube. Knowing Shonda Rhimes, I think they're going to drag this out for as long as possible and keep us waiting. I know that they're treating this relationship very tenderly because the friendship between Addison and Naomi is in a tenuous place.

TVGuide.com: Who would you rather see Sam get together with: Naomi or Addison?
I think it would be fun to see what happens with Addison. I can't imagine they would end up together in the long run, but it would be interesting to see how it affects the rest of the practice and, of course, Naomi. From the character's perspective, I feel like Naomi has done Sam wrong one too many times. I'm a little spiteful, so I wouldn't mind if Naomi found out because I think she deserves it. [Laughs]

TVGuide.com: This week, every doctor will have a hand in trying to save Dell's family after the big explosion. How will that affect the dynamic at Oceanside Wellness?
Dell [Chris Lowell] is a member of the family, and when anything that severe happens to a family member, you see the ripples throughout the rest of the family. We all gather in trying to help him. Craziness happens because he's under all this stress and pressure. He lashes out and relationships get tested.

TVGuide.com: Are there plans for more crossovers between Grey's and Private? The chemistry between Sam and Bailey is amazing.
Chandra Wilson is an amazing actress to work with. Whenever we get together we have a lot of fun. I know that they are planning another crossover. When? I don't know, but I have heard the rumblings. I don't know what characters, but they definitely want to use that and play that card soon.

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TVGuide.com: What do you think makes Private Practice stand on its own now, away from Grey's Anatomy?
I'm very fortunate to work with some really amazing actors that I respect and look up to. I think that has a lot to do with it. I think the writing is getting better and better. We have the luxury of having time to breathe and delve into and flesh out our characters. That and the crazy element of luck. It's just the right time and the right kind of climate. People are digging it and I hope that they continue to.

TVGuide.com: Has Fox approached you or wife, Idina Menzel, to go on Glee?
I don't if I could. I would love to, I love that show. I think there's a situation with the opposing networks, there's a conflict. I'm a huge fan, though. It would be great if I could.

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