Amber Benson Amber Benson

First, there was Amy Acker (aka Angel's "Fred"). She guest-starred on Private Practice's Season 2 premiere (and next can be seen on Fox's upcoming Dollhouse).

More recently (and as first reported by me), you got Alexis Denisof/"Wesley."

Who will be the next former denizen of the Buffyverse to make an appointment with the doctors of Oceanside Wellness? It's Amber Benson, I can tell you exclusively.

What brings Buffy's Tara to Addison's work digs? Sources tell me she'll be playing a young woman who in the aftermath of being brutally attacked seeks not just medical care ... but perhaps something more.

Benson appears in this season's 18th episode, which is tentatively slated for mid-March. Private Practice, of course, now airs Thursdays at 10, leading out of Grey's Anatomy.

So, who from BtVS and/or Angel is left unaccounted for that you long to be reunited with on the smaller screen?

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