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In the final moments of Private Practice's season finale, Addison (Kate Walsh) and Pete decided that he should return to his family, Violet and Lucas. Addy, in turn, ran into the arms of Sam (Taye Diggs), with whom she had done the relationship tango all season. Now that this pair has finally taken the first step, will they still be together when the show returns Thursday, Sept. 23 (10/9c on ABC)?

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"In the new season, there's a possibility of Sam and Addison," Diggs tells "Obviously the sexual tension is still there. There are a lot of furtive glances, loaded looks and whispers, but I don't think we've really figured out what's happening yet."

"It's tense and it's really odd," adds Walsh. "We come back and it's not really dealt with, and then it is sort of dealt with in a way that, I think, is a delicious reveal. There's tension and it's like, why is there tension? What happened with these two? No one really knows until the very last scene."

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While we're sworn to secrecy on what that last scene entails, executive producer Shonda Rhimes says, "Some fans will be happy and some fans won't. Things take a little bit of a surprising turn in the first episode."

For his part, Diggs would like to see the pair in a real relationship. "Addison, in the past, has been a little more free, and Sam is a little more buttoned-up, so I'd love to see what that chemistry yields," he says.

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As for how Naomi (Audra McDonald), Sam's ex-wife and Addison's best friend, will feel if the pair actually gets together, McDonald says she'll be busy with plenty of other things this season, including "being a grandmother on edge."

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