Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is over! Sort of. After 16 books about the quartet of teen pals — and A, the mysterious person (or people) stalking them — novelist Sara Shepard is ending the series that inspired ABC Family's hit with her final installment, Vicious (on shelves Dec. 2).

TV Guide Magazine: Why stop the books now?
I didn't think I'd go beyond the eighth book. Then the show reinvigorated things. But it just seemed like the right time.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you know from the beginning how you wanted to wrap things up?
I'm not sure I knew how I wanted to end each girl's story, but I knew how I wanted to end their story with [frenemy] Alison. I never wanted to write about them going away to college or moving away, but you see where they are going to go from here.

TV Guide Magazine: There's also a nice hint in the final pages that more could be added to this story later on.
Yes! I love these characters so much.

TV Guide Magazine: The books and the show are so different. Were they ever influenced by each other?
I've brought characters back, like Ezra, because he was so loved on the show. He was originally out by Book 3 or 4. And the show is giving [Aria's brother] Mike a bigger part. I am happy about that. I would love to have kept Toby alive, too [in the books].

TV Guide Magazine: you know who the show's A is?
I don't! I could ask, but it's kind of fun not to know!

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