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[SPOILER ALERT: The following contains spoilers from the Pretty Little Liars finale. Read at your own risk.]

By the end of the Pretty Little Liars midseason finale, Garrett and Jenna revealed their connection to Alison's death, two couples seemed on the verge of breaking up and Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily were at Rosewood P.D. (again!). But what was with those creepy dolls instructing the girls to complete a given task? Executive producer Marlene King weighs in on them and our other burning questions, and gives us a sneak peek at the show's special Halloween prequel episode and next season.

In the final scene, when the waitress calls A "Pretty Eyes," does that mean it's Jenna? Or are you trying to throw us off?
Marlene King: It could be either!

What about Jenna's plan to have eye surgery?
King: She is going to have that surgery. I'm not going to say if the surgery is a success or not, but she will have that surgery.

Pretty Little Liars finale: Is Alison's killer finally revealed?

Is the shovel really the murder weapon?
King: That shovel is the murder weapon; the field hockey stick was a red herring. Alison was buried alive, she died of suffocation, but that's what was used to bash her skull in. When the poster [for the season] came out, I was like, the shovel in the dirt is such a giveaway for the finale, but we got away with it.

Those dolls were so creepy! Where did you get that idea?
King: On the cover of Sara Shepard's books, she portrays the characters as dolls, and it just came to me. Alison treated these girls as her dolls; she is manipulating them as her dolls.

Why has Emily been targeted so much this season?
King: Whether it was accurate or not, A assumed Emily was the weakest link. Emily felt to A like the softest and A interpreted that as weak, which is interesting because Emily is a competitor and willing to dig deep, but maybe because she was in love with Ali and her parents aren't there, she's a sitting duck. She's isolated and an easy target.

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It's not looking good for Ezria. Do fans need to be worried?
King: I think they'll always have to worry about the fate of that couple because of the nature of how their relationship began, but by the end of the [next] premiere, there will be some huge resolution to that story. Ezria is very much a part of this show and down the line, who knows? But right now, it's very difficult to conceive of this show without Ezra and Aria together.

What about Spencer and Toby?
King: A really has gone after that relationship now and [they] will really struggle....and I'm a huge "Spoby" fan, so it's hard for me.

Although the show returns in January, there's going to be a special Halloween prequel episode. What can you tell us about it?
We took advantage of having an episode where Alison is alive to introduce a lot of new threads into the show, as well as answer some questions. The episode is called "The First Secret," and it's [the] launching of the first secret they had amongst each other. Alison also has a very big secret she's keeping from the girls and we understand by the end what that is too. It's our scariest Pretty Little Liars episode; it feels like a movie.

Will we see Melissa again?
You'll see her in the Halloween episode and then you'll see her in Season 2. And Ian is in the Halloween episode.

Where will the second half of the new season pick up?
We take a one month time jump from this last finale to the premiere. It's a Mexican standoff between [the girls and] Jenna and Garrett, not unlike Ian in Season 1. Once Jenna and Garret realize the Pretty Little Liars are on to them, the Pretty Little Liars are in definite jeopardy.