Popular star Leslie Bibb says she relished the opportunity to get down and dirty for her role as

David Arquette's unglam love interest in the big-screen comedy See Spot Run, which grossed a respectable $10 million at the box office last weekend.

"I liked being in a movie where you didn't have to worry about being pretty," the actress, who plays squeaky-clean high school cheerleader Brooke McQueen on the WB teen drama, tells TV Guide Online. "You know, in Hollywood, where it's always like, 'What do you look like? How big are your boobs? How big is your butt?' It was like, 'Who cares? Let's put [on] more raccoon eyes!'"

See Spot Run also allowed the 26-year-old actress to tackle another first: playing a mother. "When I told my mom... she started laughing," recalls Bibb. "She's like, 'Oh yeah, that'll be good. You don't have any maternal instinct.' I was like, 'Shut up, I have a dog!'"

Bibb confesses that the role had a profound effect on her. "I called my boyfriend and I was like, 'My clock's ticking. I don't know what happened. It just went off,'" she laughs. "Still, the thought of having a baby is what scares me. I'm not into pain."

For now, Bibb says she's content kicking up her heels on Popular. "There's some amazing dance numbers coming up," she teases, adding that the rigorous moves take their toll. "You don't understand the turmoil we go through! Our dance choreographer choreographs all the routines for the Laker Girls, and I have literally no dancing prowess.

"Leslie Grossman [who plays Mary Cherry] and I just sit there and we look at her and we're like, 'No, you did not just do that. I cannot do that!'"