Is CW's makeover series Plain Jane just about improving your looks to snag a boyfriend? No, says host Louise Roe. "It's taking what is already there and tweaking it and celebrating it ... it's less about the guy at the end."

Plain Jane is more than skin deep

Each episode of Plain Jane follows an average girl who, with the help of stylists and out-of-the-box activities like skydiving and swimming with sharks, improves her fashion and confidence in order to tell the guy she's been crushing on how she feels. The process ends with a "blind date" between the Jane and the Joe.

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In the video interview below, Roe tells how the reality show differs from the typical makeover show, and she shares her biggest fashion tip for going from frumpy to fabulous.

Catch Plain Jane on Wednesdays at 9/8c.

Is PLAIN JANE just about getting the guy?

Plain Jane host Louise Roe explains how the show is different from other makeover shows and what it tries to focus on.|Plain Jane|Louise Roe|