Paula Deen, Dr. Oz Paula Deen, Dr. Oz

Paula Deen has two vices — potatoes and cigarettes — and she's ready to kick the latter.

"I'm so embarrassed and ashamed," she tells Dr. Oz on his talk show in an emotional interview scheduled to air Tuesday.

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The queen of Southern-fried cooking admits that she's been smoking up to a pack and a half a day for the past 50 years before sheepishly asking Dr. Oz to help her quit."The story you're telling me, I've heard a lot," he says. "I'm a heart surgeon. Did you know that I have never operated on a smoker in my life? Because I love them too much. If I operate on a smoker, I've given up my one chance to get them to stop. ... The real message you have to hear is that I care about you, [your family cares] about you. ... Most of America loves you dearly. All they're asking you to do is to love yourself as much as we love you."Watch the clip below: