Tatiana Maslany Tatiana Maslany

Clone clubbers, you've waited what seems like an eternity for more of BBC America's Orphan Black, but at long last the wait is over. Sort of. 

BBC America released the first teaser for Season 3 of the sci-fi drama, and like the show itself, it makes science look gorgeous. Set to the tune of Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me" (which was also featured in American Horror Story: Asylum), the visual treat doesn't include any new footage. Instead, it shows off a bunch of organic cells undergoing the process of mitosis.

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The visualization of cells reproducing and the lyrics of "You Don't Own Me" hit Orphan Blackthemes hard. Can the scientific institutions who created these clones demand ownership rights over their "products," or does free will apply to clones even when the natural order is circumvented?

Something to ponder while you wait for Season 3 of Orphan Black to debut next year.  In the meantime, check out the teaser for yourself: