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[WARNING: The following contains spoilers from the Season 2 finale of Orphan Black. Read at your own risk.]

"My name is Sarah Manning and this is my unconditional surrender." Those are words you never want to hear your hero say, but we can't blame Sarah for giving herself up to Dyad. They do have her daughter after all.

Fortunately, Sarah raised one hell of a kid. When a nurse comes to examine her, Kira slyly swipes her phone and calls Cal, who books it over to Felix and Mrs. S (the latter of whom is so not happy to be left out of the Cal loop). Cal then casually pulls out his giant conspiracy theory diagram — which is not nearly as cool as it could have been — and reveals he's been speaking to someone "on the inside" who's willing to help.

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Meanwhile, Cosima can't catch a break. Rachel orders a teary-eyed Delphine to be transferred to Frankfurt and assigns a new physician to Cos' case — one that isn't nearly as passionate about curing her. So rather than focus on her illness, Cos focuses on something she can control: saving Sarah and Kira. And with the help of her handy sidekick Science Boy, Cos jimmies up a Mindhunter-worthy secret weapon to aid in their escape.

As Dyad prepares to remove one of Sarah's ovaries — even though she only agreed to let them harvest her eggs, bureaucracy be damned — Rachel saunters over, holding Kira's bone marrow and demanding that Sarah tell her Duncan's sequencing key. Because, oh yeah, Duncan poisoned himself (#deathbytea) after Rachel said she doesn't remember how much her parents loved her (#liarliarpantsonfire).

Sarah, who has no idea what Rachel's talking about, tells Rachel she has no idea what she's talking about. But the woman just lost her dad (again) and isn't of the soundest of minds. So Rachel does what any high-powered executive does: throws the bone marrow on the floor and stomps around like a petulant child. Sarah then pulls the trigger on Cosima and Science Boy's secret weapon, shooting a pencil directly into Rachel's eye, and escapes. (Please tell me this means we get an evil eyepatch clone next season.)

When Sarah gets to Kira's room, she's greeted by Marian, who turns out to be Cal's rogue insider. Marian promises Sarah that if she meets her the next day, she'll be able to learn the truth and stop running once and for all.

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But before Sarah learns this life-changing revelation, she makes sure to fit in a little R&R with her sestras. Alison and Cos join Sarah at Felix's, where they're introduced to Helena for the very first time. The Clone Club then proceeds to have an epic dance party, which gave me major Beyonce flashbacks and will be GIFed for all eternity. Exhausted from all that dancing, everyone passes out, but before they wake up, Helena sneaks out, clutching her boo Jesse's trucker hat. Only — gasp! — she's abducted by the military, of which Paul is once again a part. Oh, and Mrs. S was in on her abduction, natch. Can't trust that woman one bit.

But this isn't just any military unit. When Sarah arrives to meet Marian, she discovers two shocking secrets. The first being there's another clone — and she's only 8 years old! Charlotte, played by the same actress as young Rachel, is Marian's adopted daughter and the only survivor of Dyad's 400 attempts to continue cloning following Duncan's departure. While I still don't trust Marian, this reveal makes her willingness to help Sarah much more understandable.

But it's the second secret that's a real kicker. As anyone with a knowledge of Greek mythology can tell you, Leda had twin sons, Castor and Pollux, the latter of whom shared his immortality to keep Castor alive. So why would Project Leda be any different? As Marian explains, Dyad develops female clones, but there's also a parallel military project, Castor, developing male clones. The twist: One of the male clones is Mark, the super creepy Prolethean who originally captured Helena, but later helped her and Gracie escape.

As of the finale, we've now seen three of the male clones. Mark, who has just married Gracie; the clone locked up in the Castor mansion (who seems even more off his rocker than Mark); and the clone who's working as part of the military mission to abduct Helena. While I know it's not good to judge off appearances, I'm convinced they're all evil. Lady clones for life!

Overall, this was a seriously awesome finale that left me with a lot of questions. But there's only one that is going to haunt me until Season 3: IS COSIMA GOING TO BE OK?!

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