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The war is about to reach fever pitch on The Originals, but Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has an even bigger threat on his mind: his father.

As crazy things started happening on the other side, Klaus' dead evil stepfather Mikael (Sebastian Roche) managed to appear not only in Klaus' dreams, but also in the dreams of those connected to Klaus. In the final minutes of last week's episode, Mikael approached witch Davina (Danielle Campbell) with a way to take down Klaus once and for all.  

"I'm the only one who could rid you of [Klaus] forever," Mikael told Davina. "First, my little witch, I need you ... to bring me back to life."

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So, how will Mikael's "return" affect Klaus' ability to fight moving forward? "As we've seen before with Klaus' encounters with him, he holds an emotional grip over Klaus," Morgan tells "It makes Klaus feel like the child he was when Mikael beat him and his brother and chastised him. But Mikael will have to regain some sort of physical form to truly be a threat."

Mikael may just be a ghost for now, but Klaus' other enemies are very much real. On the season's penultimate episode, the battle truly begins. "The French Quarter will erupt in an all-out war, the likes of which we haven't seen all season," co-executive producer Michael Narducci tells us about Tuesday's episode. "Every single faction — vampires, humans, witches, werewolves, and The Originals themselves — will be jockeying for power and defending themselves from attack." Adds Morgan: "[This episode] is huge and action-packed."

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Among those fighting against Klaus is his former protégé-turned-enemy Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), who has made it clear that he's put everything he has towards taking back New Orleans. As Klaus told him in last week's episode, he expects nothing less than Marcel bringing his A-game.

"It's sport to Klaus, so there's some enjoyment," Morgan says. "There was line we cut from that final scene where Marcel says something to the effect of, 'If it comes to it, I'll die for my men and my city.' Klaus then says, 'If it comes to it, I have no problem killing you for it as well.' I've started to [realize] Klaus is an addict, and part of him is addicted to the violence and having someone or something to fight against...But I wonder if he would be willing to end Marcel's life because there's a lot of love between them as well. If only he could dagger him — that's the solution."

Who are you rooting for in the battle for New Orleans?

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