Oprah, iPod ads,  and now this: Is there anything Bono wont do? Other than Live 8 in Philly, that is. And lose those damn shades. Oh ,well, at least it was a performance bit with a shout-out to birthday boy Drama, who, by the way, had a very good night. Not only did the sap score U2 tix from Ari, he also got some lovin from Vanessa Angel and his freaky fans during a visit to the Geek Olympics known as Comic-Con. Guess those years on "Viking Quest" had to pay off at some point, right? And speaking of paying off, if Vince plans on bashing every writer who asks about his botched proposal to future Aquagirl Mandy Moore, the boy is gonna have to buy himself some positive press come premiere night. Unless, of course, Shawna starts taking tips from certain real-life assistants currently toxifying Tinseltown. In that case, Mr. Chase is doomed. Because there is nothing scarier than the wrath of a journalist whos been cut off mid-interview by a black-clad, 22-year-old wannabe on a Blackberry-fueled power trip, trust me.