Now that we know how Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) ended up in Hyperion Heights, it's time to solve the mystery of his missing daughter on Once Upon a Time. In "A Pirate's Life," we learned that the real Hook is living his happily ever after (and new beginning) with a pregnant Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) back in Storybrooke. Season 7's Hook is actually the older, drunken version from the Wish Realm made younger and hotter with a little help from Lady Tremaine (Gabrielle Anwar).

While Storybrooke's Killian Jones has been consumed by his love for Emma, this version is focused on searching for his long-lost offspring. At least, he was until a pesky curse knocked him off his path. The only clue given so far is that he used to play chess with her while she was being held captive by an evil witch. While Wish Realm Hook slowly starts to remember his mission, we're taking a few guesses at who his mystery kid might be.


Could Hook's daughter be this head-strong teen who sets off on a dangerous journey across the ocean to save her island from a terrible curse? Probably not. It doesn't look like there are any plans to bring her onto the show, let alone integrate her into Hook's storyline.


Mekia Cox, Once Upon a TimeMekia Cox, Once Upon a Time

Okay, this one seems more plausible given that she's actually on the show but it's still a far-fetched idea. From what we've seen so far of Princess Tiana (Mekia Cox) — who goes by Sabine in Hyperion Heights — she's a fierce leader whose mission is to restore the freedom of her people. She's made no mention of being held captive by an evil witch, nor has she talked about playing chess with her dad. Though she and Hook share a similar fighting spirit, they most likely don't share a bloodline.


Dania Ramirez, <em>Once Upon a Time</em>Dania Ramirez, Once Upon a Time

What if Cinderella (Dania Ramirez) only believed her father was dead and he's actually alive? And what if he turns out to be Hook? Given the many twist and turns of the show (Who saw Peter Pan turning out to be Rumple's dad?!), it's possible.

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Nope. Not happening. At all.




Not even close.

Snow White

Despite Henry (Andrew J. West) confirming that there are numerous versions of our beloved fairytale characters existing in different realms, there's just no way this is plausible.


Rose Reynolds, Once Upon a TimeRose Reynolds, Once Upon a Time

Now this is more like it! Alice of Wonderland (Rose Reynolds) — and lots of other places — has been working for Rumple both in the Enchanted Forest and Hyperion Heights (as Tilly), giving her the closest connection to Hook out of all the other characters on this list. Plus, she has a fondness for chess and Wish Realm Hook previously mentioned playing the classic game with his daughter.

The two will soon team up for a case and, according to Colin O'Donoghue, the show will lean more into the possibility that she is the one he's been looking for. "Rogers works with Tilly in some respects to try and figure out who this missing girl is," he said. "That's when you begin to see an inkling of the fact that that could be who she is, but we don't know at the moment if that's the case or not." Let's face it, it's probably her.

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