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Fanboys across the country had their hearts broken earlier this year when geek goddess Olivia Munn stepped down as host of G4's Attack of the Show! after four years.

But Munn, who will next star in the NBC comedy Perfect Couples, hasn't forgotten about those fans.

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"This is something I've wanted to do forever," Munn said of her new role Thursday at the Television Critics Association's winter previews. "You want to see if you can make some other dreams come true. Because of the fans. It's because of the support, I had this opportunity."

Munn says she still communicates with her devoted fanbase via Twitter and her website. "I don't consider that I've left them behind," she said. "They're coming along for the ride."

Although she's no longer covering conventions and video games for Attack of the Show!, Munn is still as busy as ever. Aside from her role as perfectionist Leigh on Perfect Couples, she regularly appears as a special correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Unfortunately, it's her busy agenda that may have lead to her Attack of the Show! exit. "I wanted to continue doing Attack of the Show, but apparently you can't do four shows at once," she joked.

Luckily, Munn left out hope that her Attack of the Show! days are not completely behind her just yet. "Don't worry," she said, referencing such past stunts as jumping into a giant pie while wearing a French maid's oufit. "I'll still be pandering."

Perfect Couples premieres Thursday, Jan. 20 at 8:30/7:30c.