Clark Gregg Clark Gregg

Clark Gregg's a busy guy. Apart from playing Julia Louis-Dreyfus' ex-hubby on The New Adventures of Old Christine, he costarred as a mysterious agent in Iron Man and directed the black comedy Choke. Plus he's married to Jennifer Grey! Still, he found time to chat with us.

TV Guide: In this week's episode, little Ritchie's in a commercial?
Clark Gregg:
The parents expect to suffer at the school play because Ritchie's usually awful. But he's incredible, and Christine wants him in showbiz!

TV Guide: Any Old Christine scoop?
Gregg: Marriage is in the air. Richard proposed to new Christine and, for God's sakes, Old Christine is married to Barb. Neither of those will go smoothly.

TV Guide: Iron Man rocked!
Gregg: I'm such a fan of Robert Downey Jr.... It was one of those jobs where I had to pinch myself a little.

TV Guide: Will we see Agent Colson in Iron Man 2?
Gregg: I hear rumblings, whispers. I’m waiting for the call.

TV Guide: Choke is pretty dark stuff.
Gregg: It's about a sex-addicted man who keeps his crazy mother — Anjelica Huston — in an expensive hospital by choking in front of wealthy patrons. Very dramatic — and very funny, too.

TV Guide: So how's Jennifer?

Gregg: She's writing a new project. But she's really interested in being a mom [to their daughter Stella]. And she's still beautiful!