O.J. Simpson by Steve Grayson/ WireImage.com O.J. Simpson by Steve Grayson/ WireImage.com

Call it the most imperfect storm. As the WGA strike enters Day 10, a Las Vegas judge has ruled that O.J. "If I Did It" Simpson must stand trial on kidnapping and robbery charges stemming from his September invasion of a Sin City hotel room to seize mementos from his sports career. "This is what we expected," Simpson said after the ruling came down. "If I have any disappointment, it's that I wish a jury was here. As always, I rely on the jury system."

Yes, he did say that.

Simpson's lawyer spoke for many of us when he called the prospect of his client being tried again in the national spotlight, perhaps even with TV coverage, "surreal."

Hmmm. Yet another half-baked reality show, or a new televised O.J. trial...? Tough call. What would you rather watch?