No one can accuse former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson of not having her priorities in order — except maybe her handlers. "My agents are going crazy with me because I have all this [work] criteria, and it's all centered around the boys," she laughs, referring to sons Brandon, 7, and Dylan, 5. "They're like, 'I'm not going to tell people that you're only going to work on school holidays!' And then I say, 'Well, then, I'm retired.'" Anderson's decision to put family before career led her, ironically enough, to Stripperella, a new TNN (or is it Spike TV?) animated series debuting tonight (11 pm/ET). Created by Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, the cheeky cartoon revolves around an exotic dancer (voiced by Anderson) who leads a double life as a secret agent. TV Guide Online rang up the former V.I.P. heroine to dish about her new alter ego, scary movies and the men in her life. One topic, however, was off-limits. Anderson declined to discuss rumors that she and beau Kid Rock have split. Of course, that won't stop us from reading between the lines...

TV Guide Online: Why did you agree to do Stripperella?
Pamela Anderson:
I just thought it would be something fun that I could basically do from home. It's nice to be able to walk in, do a little voiceover and have them do all of the work — and I can be with my kids. That was a selfish thing on my part.

TVGO: Did you have any input into Stripperella's look?
I called in a really wonderful friend of mine, [noted illustrator] Olivia, who's an incredible artist, and she's coming in to help the character along. I think she's going to make it a lot better... soften [her] a little bit and make [her] a little bit more realistic. It's great the way it is, but it's going to evolve.

TVGO: Will you let your kids watch?
They've seen a little clip of it. They think it's funny. They think Mommy's a cartoon. "Mommy's on TV! Mommy's a cartoon!"

TVGO: But no more than a clip?
I don't think so. They're too busy watching Catdog and Spongebob [SquarePants]. I don't think they're interested in watching me for an hour.

TVGO: Do you think it's suitable for kids?
I think it's definitely geared toward a PG-type [audience]. I don't mind this as much as I mind violence, but that's my choice as a mom. But I'm sure parents aren't going to be watching this Saturday mornings with their kids.

TVGO: If the show's a smash, would you star in a live-action version?
No. Absolutely not. That's way too much work, that's the whole point. (Laughing.) They have to keep me animated.

TVGO: So, if producers offered you $20 million to star in a live-action Stripperella movie, you'd say no?
I'd say absolutely perfect, but do it like Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Cool World and keep [me] animated and have everybody else be real. I'm sure if [photographer] David LaChapelle, who's a wonderful friend of mine, wanted to shoot me as Stripperella [for a pictorial], that's something I would do.

TVGO: Tell me about your cameo in Scary Movie 3.
It's the opening of the movie and it's a spoof of, um, one of those scary movies, which I never watch because I don't like scary movies. I'm a Catholic school girl — let's start there. (A Miramax rep later confirms that it's a parody of The Ring.) Obviously, it [involves] a scary situation that turns out to be ridiculous. It's a small part.

TVGO: Sounds like you're not interested in major acting roles right now.
I'm really not. At this point, I think I'm so spoiled being able to stay home with my kids and bring them to school and to karate and all sorts of things. My website ( is launching on July 1, too, and all of my projects are going to be on there: bikinis, lingerie and everything. I decided I'm just going to concentrate on the businesses that I've created and have Stripperella be the animated character that's kind of wandering around the earth, so I can live in my sweats all day. I don't even have to work out anymore. (Laughing.)

TVGO: Nice life.
I feel like I've just got it made. I'm in a great spot. I'm getting along with all of the men in my life. I feel good. I feel like this is where I should be. When things are all in drama and turmoil, you realize you're not in the right place. But right now, I feel really good.