John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer by Chris Haston/NBC John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer by Chris Haston/NBC

A year ago, The Office's Season 2 finale left fans' jaws on the floor, as Jim professed his feelings for Pam, and the two went on to share a sudden liplock that... went nowhere, come the fall. What does NBC's hitcom have in mind for an encore when the current season wraps on Thursday? Perhaps more angst for the fan-fave pairing? "There's stuff that will happen," Jenna Fischer shared with at this week's Saturn Awards. "I can't tell you about it," she continued with a polite smile, "but there's stuff that will happen [between Pam and Jim]."

Fischer, however, did go on to say that this season's take on the Pam-Jim saga was especially "exciting" for her in that it offered a new point of view, punctuated most recently by the earful Pam gave Jim and the Dunder-Mifflin gang during this week's episode. Last year we saw it through Jim's eyes, and this year we saw it from Pam's eyes," she notes. "[This season] there was a whole beginning, middle and end they wanted to have for Pam, to tell her story and see her grow. They have a place they want her to end up at the end of the year."

Might that "place" be in Jim's arms? That answer won't be revealed until Thursday night. But we can wait. Probably. - Matt Webb Mitovich, with additional reporting by Paula Paige