Mischa Barton and Ben McKenzie, <EM>The O.C.</EM> Mischa Barton and Ben McKenzie, The O.C.
The O.C. So it's a double shot of season 2 holiday-themed 'sodes complete with a Sno. C. dance and a Chrismukkah that almost wasn't. Lindsay I almost forgot about her. I kept trying to remember if I actually liked Ryan and Lindsay together but for the life of me I couldn't recall. I think at this point last year, I was just glad that Ryan and Marissa weren't together. I enjoyed the Chrismukkah portion of the evening way more than the Sno. C. portion because: 1) There was no Zach the big 'ol bore was thankfully off doing Christmas in Cabo; 2)

Kelly Rowan rocked the scenes where Kirsten found out about Caleb's affair and the sister she never knew she had; 3) I got to hear characters utter words like "YarmaClaus", "Oy Humbug" and "Chrismukkah backlash"; and 4) I totally love it when Ryan is the one that gets Kirsten to come out of the closet cause I'm a sucker for Ryan-Kirsten scenes. I wish there would be more of them this season. Meanwhile, Ryan's season 2 'do is soooo much cooler than his season 3 'do, dontcha think? And Summer pulling off the Chrismukkah miracle was sweet. Now if she could just pull off another miracle that's nearer and dearer to my heart: Could she get those

Reunion folks to let us know who murdered Sam? 'Cause that's something I need to know, now that we know the show's not coming back. Bah. Humbug.