Figure It Out Figure It Out

Remember Nickelodeon's hidden talent game show, Figure It Out, hosted by Olympian Summer Sanders? Well, after nearly 13 years off the air, the series is coming back!

The network has ordered 40 episodes of the show, and will begin production in April, Entertainment Weekly reports.

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Premiering in 1997, Figure It Out

was a game show for kids (similar in nature to What's My Line?) in which four adult celebrities attempted to identify a young contestant's talent, hobby or invention by asking yes-or-no questions. The longer the panel went without a correct guess, the more money and prizes the contestant would win. And as is typical for Nickelodeon, panelists (which included the likes of Amanda Bynes, Michelle Trachtenberg and Kenan Thompson), were doused with green "slime" periodically throughout the show.No word yet on whether or not Sanders will return as host. (Fingers crossed!)Are you looking forward to Figure It Out's big return to Nick? Who do you want to see get slimed on the panel?