"Secrets are the glue that binds sorority sisters together."

Entertainment Weekly posted a new featurette video for Scream Queens, the latest from phenomenon-creator Ryan Murphy. The trailer has new footage and cast interviews that give viewers a little more background on what's happening at the fictional Wallace University.

The full trailer for Scream Queens is here

In it, we get a look at the school administrator played by Jamie Lee Curtis, who tells Kappa Kappa Tau they have to accept every girl who pledges — which means outcasts like Lea Michele's character in a neck brace get to enter top dog Emma Roberts' inner sanctum.

Also in the trailer: Shirtless. Nick. Jonas.

According to Murphy, everyone on the show has potential motive to be the devil-masked serial murderer — but who's devious enough to pull it off? Watch the trailer and give us your best guess in the comments: