Ian Somerhalder is ditching the leather jacket for a white lab coat in Netflix's sci-fi horror V Wars, and we have our first footage from the upcoming series. The first official trailer, which dropped Tuesday, shows Somerhalder's character studying the science behind a mysterious virus that is turning humans into vampires.

The nerdtastic role is far cry from his iconic turn as the lovable bad boy Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. In the Netflix series, which premieres Dec. 5, Somerhalder plays Dr. Luther Swann, a good guy just trying to figure out how to save his best friend, Michael Fayne (Arrow alumnus Adrian Holmes), from this terrifying disease after Fayne rises as an underground leader of the vicious creatures. Don't expect to see Somerhalder downing a glass of blood any time soon — Swann is human.

Netflix's V Wars Just Dropped Nerdy-Hot Ian Somerhalder Pics and a Release Date

Adapted from the comics by Jonathan Maberry and Alan Robinson, V Wars imagines an apocalyptic world where a virus has turned regular people into ravenous, bloody-crazy predators. At the center of it all is Swann, who's desperately working for a cure as a war between humans and the newly created vampires heats up. The first season will be 10 episodes.

V Wars premieres Thursday, Dec. 5 on Netflix.

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