If you are even peripherally interested in horror than you're probably familiar with Shirley Jackson's seminal novel The Haunting of Hill House. And even if you aren't directly familiar with the 1959 story, you're at least familiar with the basic premise since the influence of Jackson's gothic classic, generally regarded as the best haunted house story ever written, is felt throughout the genre.

After being adapted into two plays and two films, Netflix is now reimagining Hill House for the small screen in a new series that will premiere Friday, Oct. 12. Following a group of siblings who are forced to return to their childhood home in the wake of tragedy, the Crane family finds themselves having to confront the ghosts of their past (and yes, some of these ghosts may be literal specters).

Jackson's original novel is widely praised for relying more on suspense and terror than jumps and gruesome twists, so viewers can likely expect more psychological scares than bloody ones. And with horror mastermind Mike Flanagan (Oculus) helming the series, we have no doubt it will live up to Jackson's legacy and our own high expectations.

No character information has been released yet, but the Netflix series has compiled quite the impressive cast - some of which you can see in the first-look photos below. Among those starring are Michiel Huisman, Carla Gugino, Timothy Hutton, Elizabeth Reaser, Lulu Wilson and McKenna Grace.

The photos are our first official look at the chilling series heading our way this fall, and just looking at the dilapidated Hill House can put a chill in your bones. (The abundance of doll-faced children doesn't hurt either.) Check out the pics below, and don't miss The Haunting of Hill House when it hits Netflix on Friday, Oct. 12.