(Warning: spoilers of the most recent episode of NCIS: New Orleans ahead!)

The NCIS team prevented the city from descending into an all-out biker gang war on NCIS: New Orleans, after a murder at a bike rally pitted two squads, The Vets and The Niners, against each other. After a Navy officer is slain, Agent Pride (Scott Bakula) and LaSalle (Lucas Black) turn up clues that certainly make it look like an old rivalry has been reignited — and then made much worse when somebody blows up The Niners' drinking hole. But thanks to their savvy sleuthing, they discover that the bikers have been framed by someone who wants the valuable land owned by the do-gooding Vets. In the end, the presumed suspects are cleared — but not without revealing a few of the agents' most precious secrets. Some of the biggest moments from "Outlaws" ahead.

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LaSalle comes clean about his baby...sort of
I don't know about you but I'm still not 100-percent convinced LaSalle really is the father of the baby with Melody (Brianna Brown) who popped up out of the blue recently with a big surprise. I mean, LaSalle is so cautious! He works with DNA every day! At the outset of this episode, he's still keeping his love child a secret, with only Gregario (Vanessa Ferlito) in on it. She urges him to tell Pride. When he does, and Pride rightfully questions him about how it happened, LaSalle says he could have made the baby during a period of him being a man-whore: drinking too much and sleeping around. But the mystery really didn't get solved when Pride asks if he's sure it's his; LaSalle — again a man who understands how DNA works for a living — says, "He looks like me." What in the Jerry Springer heck? Get a test buddy! It was also curious to see Percy (Shalita Grant) sniffing around as he talked about the baby with Gregario; she could tell they had some secret going on. Was she just being nosey, or is she maybe a little bit jealous too?

Percy gets her sexy on
Taking one for the team, Percy goes undercover with the Niners to get to the bottom of the bombing. All dolled up in black eyeliner and leather, we find out Percy's sexy alter ego is a chick named Sunny, who used to hook up with a sketchy character named Ramon (Jon-Michael Ecker) when she worked for the ATF. It's a side of the by-the-book Percy we don't see much, especially as she was grabbing Ramon by the belt buckle, kissing him. Turns out, she didn't even say sorry when she dropped him years back — no doubt a casualty of the gig but showing once again Percy gets the job done at all costs.

Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy, <em>NCIS: New Orleans</em>Shalita Grant as Sonja Percy, NCIS: New Orleans

Gregario's secret comes out; she and Percy become...something close to friends?
Aw, it's so nice to see the ice melting! Gregario and Percy didn't exactly have an immediate love-fest when Gregario came to New Orleans from D.C. You could in fact say they couldn't stand each other. But their relationship has grown increasingly comfortable, friendly even, as they've worked on cases together, and this week they hit a breakthrough. It sure looked like Gregario was being really petty when she suggested Percy be the one to go undercover with the Niners — especially after Gregario ribbed her for hooking up with Ramon. Really though, that was a way to set up the ultimate trust exercise, since Gregario also immediately volunteered to have her back. Percy seemed comfortable with it right away, which, yeah, they're professionals, but it also indicated that Percy was willing to trust Gregario with her life. Throughout the operation, we saw Gregario show great care in Percy's well-being, and immediately springing into action to save her when things went wonky. Of course, Gregario ends up saving her and when the dust completely settles, the two have a heart-to-heart with Gregario perched on Percy's desk. She asks Percy if she's okay — increasingly betraying her sensitive side — and comes clean about her own foolish decisions with a man — her ex who swindled money from FEMA.. They have a moment, and it's great. "This wasn't us bonding, right?" Percy asks, prompting Gregario to reply, "No, God forbid." Aw. It's NCIS love!

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