Nashville is set to shake things up in a major way in Season 5.

We hear that the show is looking to cast a transgender character for its upcoming season, Nashville's first on CMT. Further details on the role are scarce, but we know the character is a trans woman who will play a significant role in - spoiler alert! - Juliette's (Hayden Panettiere) recovery from a plane crash.

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Based on the fact that Panettiere has already signed on for Season 5, you may have already guessed that Juliette didn't die after her plane went missing at the end of Season 4. But don't expect her road to recovery to be a quick one.

The crash landing has left her with a lot more than just scrapes and bruises... and her injuries are going to have a significant impact on her personal life and career. Don't be surprised if the starlet never steps onto another stage ever again.

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