Nancy O’Dell Nancy O’Dell

 The Royal Wedding is one of the most anticipated events of the year, and Entertainment Tonight correspondent Nancy O'Dell has her own ideas why.

"It all starts when we're little," O'Dell told Thursday at the Blackberry Playbook launch party. "We watch all the Disney movies and become obsessed, like my daughter, with princesses. It's about the fairy tale. There's something very magical about a royal family, especially with us not having that in the U.S"

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O'Dell is one of the many reporters covering Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day live from outside Westminster Abbey, and has decided to make the event a family affair. "I'm taking my entire family so that should be fun," she says.

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Including her family was a big decision, something she had difficulty with in the past. O'Dell says it's taken a long time to find a balance between her high-profile career and having a family, which includes a husband, two stepsons and her daughter Ashby Grace, who turns 4 in June.

"There are so many times as working mothers we feel guilty because you turn down a work assignment or you have to go to work," she says. "It's amazing how quickly [my daughter] is growing, so I want to enjoy all of it!"

She thanks her husband for giving her the best advice: "Always live in the moment."