Access Hollywood host Nancy O'Dell has a new shopping partner - potentially at least - her 4-month-old baby daughter, Ashby Grace. "It was nice to add a little girl to the pack," she told TV Guide Thursday (Oct. 25) night at the Choose Your Cause event at Fred Segal Santa Monica. O'Dell, who has two stepsons (Tyler, 11, and Carson, 7) with husband Keith Zubulevich, explains, "I have my sports partners. I love to play football with my stepsons, but now I've got a shopping partner." Leaving home to go to work in the morning has been a challenge, O'Dell admits. "It's really tough. I see her little smile in the morning and it takes me an extra half an hour to get out the door every day because I keep going back in." O'Dell, 41, quickly got back to prepregnancy weight by "working out every single day during my maternity leave. I was running every day and I felt so good." While the raging Southern California fires did not affect the home she and Zubulevich share with their family, she says, "I'm lucky. The last two places I lived - I lived in Calabasas and Encino - I would have been [affected] if I still were at my old homes."

- Reporting by Carita Rizzo