Morgan Spurlok by Ray Mickshaw/FX Morgan Spurlok by Ray Mickshaw/FX

Hold on to your hard-hats, because Morgan Spurlock is back with another round of life-changing stories on the FX documentary show 30 Days beginning June 3. In the premiere episode, Spurlock returns to his home state of West Virginia to spend 30 days as a coal miner.

The filmmaker lived with the mine supervisor, Dale and his wife Sandy, and worked eight-hour shifts - 1.5 miles underground. It's dark, cold, wet and extraordinarily dangerous. Not only do miners face daily exposure to coal dust that causes black lung, they also deal with possible explosions or collapse at any time. But, when asked Spurlock which one of the six stories from the new season moved him the most, he immediately spoke of his time at the mines.

Not only was Spurlock moved by being immersed in the environment and surrounded by the people who affected his life as he grew up, he also felt, "it was kind of eye opening.... It's a profession that none of us really know much about or know what goes on and we really take it for granted." Driving the point home, and making me want to work in the dark daily, Spurlock said, "These are people who are putting their lives on the line every single day to basically go underground and mine a resource that essentially enables you and I to turn on a light bulb every day."

Look forward to other moving stories this season including episodes about gun control, same sex parenting, living in a wheelchair, animal rights and Spurlock's second appearance on the show as he spends 30 days on an Indian reservation. - Erin Fox