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Michelle Obama sure knows her Brady Bunch trivia.

Obama named all six Brady Bunch children — as well as Cousin Oliver — in under ten seconds when she appeared on The Jay Leno Show Friday.

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The first lady appeared via satellite from the White House to answer Leno's 10 questions at 10 and promote her national service PSA with Jill Biden. Beyond flexing her pop culture skills, Obama revealed some of her current iPod picks (including Stevie Wonder, Robin Thicke and Mary J. Blige) and the President of the United States' most annoying habit.

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"When he beats me at tennis," she said, "that gets to be pretty annoying and he beats me quite often!"

The one thing the First Lady refused to share? Who her daughters are going to be for Halloween. "That's top secret," Obama joked, "you need security clearance for that."