Michael Kors, <EM>Project Runway</EM> Michael Kors, Project Runway
Project Runway's venerable judge and fashion expert, Michael Kors , weighs in on Season 5, Heidi Klum's hidden talents, his TV addiction — and his TV Guide addiction. (Project Runway

airs Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET on Bravo.)

TV Guide: What can Project Runway viewers expect from Season 5?
Michael Kors:
One thing that's very cool is that the contestants' points of view are so varied — everything from demure to outrageous, from rockabilly to Audrey Hepburn. It's an intriguing group.

TV Guide: Unlike previous seasons, you were still filming up until the premiere date. Do you see this quick turnaround affecting the show?
Not at all. Fashion is the craziest-paced business on the planet — this season is actually in "real" fashion time.

TV Guide: The series moves from Bravo to Lifetime this fall. Any concerns?
Honestly, I don't think about where we were, and I don't think about where we're going next. I look at each challenge for that challenge. It's all about the talent. That's the focus of the show.

TV Guide: Do you watch Lifetime?
Oh, absolutely — I'm a TV junkie. You guys and Vogue are my two publications. Give me the fashion publications and TV Guide and I'm ready to go.

TV Guide: What other TV-reality competitions do you watch?
What don't I watch? I'm definitely a Dancing with the Stars fan. If I was nine years old, I'd be sitting there sketching all the crazy outfits. I love Shear Genius. And American Idol.

TV Guide: David Cook or Archuleta?
Definitely a Cook fan.

TV Guide: What do you think of Simon Cowell?
He doesn't sugarcoat it. He tells the truth, and anyone in the public arena, whether a singer or a designer, is going to have to contend with critics. I don't think that he's mean or vitriolic for the sake of it. Generally, I agree with him.

TV Guide: The funniest moment of the Season 4 reunion show was you cracking up at the WWE divas. What's another Runway blooper that never made it on air?
[Laughs] Heidi and I both enjoy making faces, particularly at each other. If we had been in junior high school together, we would have been in detention most of the time.

TV Guide: Tell us something viewers wouldn't guess about Heidi.
She'd be fabulous on Name That Tune, because she remembers the words to every song. Random songs. And she's willing to laugh at herself — a lot of beautiful women don't have that ability.

TV Guide: What did you think of the dress Christian Siriano designed for Whoopi Goldberg at the Tonys?
Well, who knew Whoopi had fabulous legs? As a designer, you can give celebrities the same old, same old, or you can bring out something people never noticed before. Show those legs, girl!

TV Guide: What TV celeb would you most like to wear your clothes?
I wouldn't mind dressing Anderson Cooper. In today's world, there aren't a lot of men who you can say are genuinely elegant without being old-fashioned, and he manages to pull that off.

TV Guide: As election season heats up, any fashion advice for Obama or McCain?
The interesting thing, regardless of your political proclivities, is you've got two very attractive candidates with two very attractive wives. The most important thing is to remember [being] telegenic is Number 1, so be careful of prints that blur and ties that distract. The fashion should be a frame for the candidates, rather than the focus.

TV Guide: Would you consider introducing a new catchphrase this season to take the heat off "Make it work" and "Fierce"?
You know what? The best catchphrases are like the best fashion. They happen organically. So I don't think about it — but you never know what will happen.

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