Meredith Vieira, The Today Show Meredith Vieira, The Today Show

A day after reports came that Katie Couric is expected to leave CBS Evening News, news broke that her Today replacement Meredith Vieira is expected to bid adieu herself to the morning show.

Meredith Vieira expected to leave NBC's Today

Weary of the early hours, Vieira is considering leaving Today

when her contract expires in September to spend more time with her husband, who has multiple sclerosis. Although nothing's been decided yet, NBC is already weighing replacement candidates, according to The Hollywood Reporter. And no, Couric is not one of them. The short list includes Washington correspondent Savannah Guthrie, CNBC's Erin Burnett, and Today's own Ann Curry and Natalie Morales.Curry would seem like the logical choice, as she's been the show's news anchor since 1997 and was already passed over for Vieira in 2006 after Couric left. Plus, it would give her more chances to repeat "good morning."