Melissa Harris Perry Melissa Harris Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry, who recently stepped down from her eponymous weekend MSNBC show, declined an exit package in favor of publicly spilling details about what she called mistreatment by the network this week--and she's not holding back.

It all began late February, when the host refused to go on air of her own show, citing a "loss of editorial control" after her show was pre-empted by election coverage without what she called "discussion or notice." Though she didn't explicitly call anyone racist, Perry, whose show discussed issues about race in depth, lamented a lack of diverse voices in the news commentary space and wrote in an email that somehow went public "I am not a token, mammy or little brown bobblehead." The network, for its part, expressed surprise and disappointment - saying that many programs get shuffled by breaking election coverage.

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By Tuesday, things had taken a decidedly more bitter - and vocal - turn, with the network firing her and Perry announcing she'd rejected a severance package that would've required her to stay mum about the situation publicly. She took to Twitter to lambast the network - using charts and graphs to back up her position.

Whether she's waging an important battle solo or making much ado about a misunderstanding is of course depending on which side of the aisle you sit but, either way, she's putting it all out there and it's not pretty. Take a look at some of the tweets below. What do you think?

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