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I am dying for some Walking Dead scoop. Got anything? — Matt 
This season certainly doesn't waste any time getting into the action! Look for a very bloody first episode that offers some quick answers about the people of Terminus. Remember when executive producer Robert Kirkman told us that Terminus leader Gareth was not the season's major villain? That doesn't mean he isn't sufficiently creepy!

The conversation between Richard and Maggie on last week's Grey's Anatomy was so upsetting. Is he ever going to tell her that he's her father? — Karen
After her less-than-great first impression of Meredith, it's pretty clear that Maggie isn't jumping at the chance to incorporate more new relatives into her life. So don't look for Richard to spill the beans any time soon. But they will remain confidantes. "She and Richard will find that they have something in common early on in the next episode," Kelly McCreary hints. "It's a fun little moment. The audience will definitely pick up on some family resemblances."

OMG, I'm still reeling from that emotional Chicago Fire premiere! What can you say about the new girl replacing the dearly departed member of the team— Becca
Shay will be difficult to replace, but Dawson's new paramedic partner Sylvie Brett will be just what Firehouse 51 needs. "We wanted someone to come in while everyone else was trying to will one foot in front of the other," executive producer Matt Olmstead says. "Vicariously, you get that hit of enthusiasm and that reminder of what life can be like normally. Without even intending to do so, she's able to lift people forward." 

I can't believe Bones killed Sweets! What can you tell me about the funeral? — Heather
As executive producer Stephen Nathan promised, it's certainly nontraditional. But it's right in its own way. Look for a particularly moving eulogy from Brennan that sums up the impact Sweets had on her life (including her marriage to Booth). And even though you should keep the tissues handy, Booth's contribution to the ceremony should be good for at least one smile.

Got any Vampire Diaries scoop for the premiere? — Jenny
While Elena copes with the loss of Damon in her own way, her brother's grief expresses itself a little differently. Specifically, he's locking lips with a mysterious new lady who rubs Matt the wrong way.

I am obsessed with How to Get Away with Murder! Spoilers! — Monica 

Thursday's episode will include the arrest of one person in connection to Lila's murder, which is definitely related to that flash-forward immolation ceremony. Last week Annalise thought "the boyfriend did it" —  is that why she's poking around Sam's stuff this week?

Is Juliette really pregnant on Nashville? And if so, will she keep the baby? — Destiny
Oh, she's definitely pregnant and she's got a pretty good idea of who the father is (not that she plans on sharing that information any time soon). Whether she'll actually embrace motherhood is another story. In fact, she'll consider terminating the pregnancy — at least until some new and unexpected information comes to light.

I need some Gotham spoilers! — Brandon
Yes, Batman is many years in the future, but Monday's episode will offer up a prototype vigilante who targets Gotham's most corrupt citizens using... weather balloons! (The character and episode are fittingly titled "The Balloonman.") The case will help Gordon realize that, as long as a the GCPD is crooked, vigilantes will continue to rise. Speaking of rising: The Penguin returns to Gotham and wastes no time finding a new road to power.

Is there any chance knowledge of the Machine could go public on Person of Interest?
 — Tyler
I had the exact same thought, particularly after last season's finale when Finch seemed almost relieved to be confessing its existence during the "trial." (His attitude about the Machine this season seemed unchanged.) But executive producer Jonathan Nolan insists that Finch's faith will be restored. "Finch is kind of stuck in this shadow world, in which you have this group of operators who understand exactly what's happening," Nolan says. "We always said our show works best in the shadows. The Machine is the world's last secret and Finch is kind of stuck with it."

I still can't get over Parenthood's emotional season premiere! What can you tease for this week's episode? — Gina
Adam is always the responsible one, but his obligations to his parents — and specifically helping his dad post-collapse — will conflict with his spousal duties to Kristina. Naturally, that will cause some serious tension between Adam and one of his siblings. (But it's not Sarah this time!)

Criminal Minds scoop! — John
Need some relationship updates? Morgan's lady Savannah will return in the seventh episode and they're "still going strong," according to executive producer Erica Messer. We'll meet one of Rossi's old flames — his second wife — in a flashback in Episode 9. "In the middle of the season, Rossi has a couple of interesting episodes that will help you understand him and we thought this was a good way to tell a story without always bringing people in [in the present]," Messer says.

Any more scoop on Originals-Vampire Diaries crossover? — Lisa
After we heard that Nina Dobrev will be making an appearance as Tatia, we pressed Originals star Joseph Morgan for details. And it sounds like a very juicy flashback involving Tatia, Esther and her two sons. "You're going to get insight into Klaus and Esther's relationship, but also Elijah and Esther's relationship and what happened back then," Morgan said. "We're grateful for Nina coming over... so we could tell that story because I think it needed to be told and it definitely informed who the brothers are today."

Mega Rave: Masters of Sex ended a very uneven sophomore season on a high note, thanks to another stellar, heartbreaking performance by Lizzy Caplan, as she lost her kids to her ex. Another Emmy nomination shouldn't be far behind.

Mini Rant:
 Really, Castle? We're supposed to go with Rick not remembering two months of his life after the car crash?

This Week's Recommendation: Homeland (Sunday, Oct. 5 at 9/8c) After a messy and convoluted third season, this show finally got the reboot it needed. It's stripped-down, action-packed and very promising.

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