Elizabeth Mitchell by Art Streiber/ABC; Patrick Dempsey by Bob D'Amico/ABC; Emily Procter by Doug Hyun/CBS Elizabeth Mitchell by Art Streiber/ABC; Patrick Dempsey by Bob D'Amico/ABC; Emily Procter by Doug Hyun/CBS

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor answer your questions!

I know Skaters and Jaters are asking about their Lost couples, but please don't ignore us Jacketeers! Is there hope for a Jack-Juliet reunion? Tamuna
Hope? Sure. It's just a matter of where (back on the island, I can only assume) and when (perhaps as early as this coming season, at least one source tells me). And for those fretting about Elizabeth Mitchell's future with the show, I am assured that Juliet figures very heavily into Season 5. Me, I see her and Sawyer (wet and shirtless or even dry and clothed) taking charge as Locke and his band of worshippers move forth with whatever cockamamy plan they have in mind.

Can you give me any Grey's Anatomy scoop about Meredith and Derek? Bryan
The good news: They're together! The bad news: Do either of them have any idea what "together" means? Not really. So when the action picks back up, they'll be trying to figure out how being a mutually committed couple "works," driving everybody around them crazy in the process.

Will Tony Almeida appear in 24: Exile, the two-hour movie airing in November? - Dee Bee
I saw a trailer for Exile at the TCA press tour (it's on YouTube now) and there was no sign of Carlos Bernard's Tony, so you'll have to wait until January to find out how and why he's been resurrected. Season 7 cast member Cherry Jones, who plays Madame President Allison Taylor, is featured prominently in Exile.

Any CSI: Miami fodder on the budding romance between Eric and Calleigh? Jackie
Happy fodder day! In one of the new season's early episodes, after Delko's therapist is murdered, Calleigh learns some of her coworker's deepest secrets. (Sounds like someone peruses the deceased's files. Bad!)

I'm less interested in the ABC version of Life on Mars than I am in seeing the second season of the original. Any chance BBC America will run it again? - Kerry
A jolly good chance, Kerry! You know how we Americans steal all those brills British TV show ideas and do crappy remakes of them? Well, BBC America will be celebrating that storied tradition of theft by running Sunday marathons of five remade-by-those-pesky-Yanks series starting on Oct. 5 with... Life on Mars! Marathons of Eleventh Hour, Little Britain, Worst Week of My Life and Kitchen Nightmares will follow on subsequent Sundays.

Short and sweet: Will Hotel Babylon be returning soon on the BBC America? - Steve
Please tell me the Sci Fi Channel is renewing Doctor Who. - Eugenia
Apparently it's "Cool Brittania Week" here at Mega Buzz HQ. I grouped these questions together because the upshot is basically the same: While both networks have existing relationships with the British producers of these series, neither has announced airdates for their respective next seasons. BBC-A has secured the rights to Babylon's third season. Doctor Who is a little trickier. Matt Roush summed up the timeline pretty succinctly in his most recent column. In the meantime, Season 2 of Babylon was released on DVD Tuesday.

What's with the lack of Heroes scoop? - Jimmy
One, we only field questions that are actually asked, and the Heroes fans have been quiet in recent weeks. Two, I've got a pair of juicy teasers that I (alas) must sit on a bit longer, if only because each involves a new (though different) character. They'd be wasted if unleashed now. Until then, have you heard about Karen Sisco's Robert Forster coming on board as the pop of no less than ( spoiler alert) Nathan and Peter?

Do you think the CW will actually promote its top-rated scripted show, Smallville, and the boys from Supernatural? Any new images/photos, promo videos this season? Becca
You sound as tired as I am of seeing the press use the same ol' pictures over and over again. (Jensen in the black tee? Been there, posted that.) I hear that a fresh batch of pretty art is on the way to hype the faithful series' new seasons.

Will we see Smallville's Jimmy team up with Clark on some "Daily Planet" investigations? Corrine
Finally, a question about Clark and a guy. And the answer is... no. None of the first few scripts team up Clark and Jimmy. Instead, it's all Clark and Lois doing the investigative journo-ing. (For more on that, see Smallville Exclusive: A Kiss Before Flying?)

I'm curious, what's the best piece of swag that you've ever received? And in case you need a show question... got any news about The Unit? - Andrea
On the swag front, I myself love the limited-edition "Find 815" T-shirt I nabbed a year ago from my Lost pals - and which I happen to be rockin' on this rainy Wednesday. It rivals the purring "tribble" sent out when G4 launched Star Trek 2.0.
Mickey: Also on the nerdly tip, the Sci Fi Channel gave out toasters at press tour - yes, real toasters! - that brand your bread with the unsettling image of a Galactica Cylon. (Get it?) I could have sworn that I saw TVGuide.com BSG expert/high nerd priestess Erin Fox's eyes well up when I handed it over to her. As for The Unit, a new female interrogation expert on the team will be asking Mack all the right questions, if you know what I'm sayin'.

Will The Middleman be getting any love from Lacey? And will Wendy get a love interest? - Stephanie
Just this week you met Wendy's S.O., Tyler, and he's a keeper (for now). As for "the Boss," though we won't be witnessing any hanky-panky between him and Lacey just yet, their romantic paths will cross again soon - and with an unexpected twist.

I really think they should find some way to bring Isaiah Washington back to Grey's Anatomy. The show does not seem to still have its vibrancy without him. Linda
I have to agree with you - the Grey's canvas is missing something minus the pompous Preston Burke. That said, all I can offer you is the date of Sept. 19 - that's when Isaiah guests on A&E's The Cleaner.

Matt's Mega Rave: Though tempted to use this space to thump for last week's stellar Mad Men, I instead must single out the best episode of What Not to Wear ever. I caught a repeat of the TLC series' five-year anniversary special, and it not only answered viewers' burning questions ("Do Stacy and Clinton really like each other?" was timely, given a recent gossip column blind item), it also flashed back to each host's very first episode. Who knew that Stacy's original right-hand man was some sort of effete biker-sasquatch?! Even in the 360 mirror, this episode looked sharp from every angle.

Mickey's Mini-Rant: I'm a big fan of Project Runway, a well-made reality show that thankfully requires some level of talent of its participants. I know it's early and that I'll probably change my tune in a week or so, but is anyone else as bored to tears with this season's crop as I am? There's not an interesting character in the bunch!

Reader Quote of the Week: "What would keep me toasty and warm during this 'hellatus' would be more pictures of a sweaty Anders pointing a gun." ( margo, detailing her "survival plan" for until Battlestar Galactica returns)

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