Eva Longoria by Ron Tom/ABC; Hugh Laurie by Isabella Vosmikova/Fox; Kristin Kreuk by David Gray/The CW Eva Longoria by Ron Tom/ABC; Hugh Laurie by Isabella Vosmikova/Fox; Kristin Kreuk by David Gray/The CW

Senior editors Matt Webb Mitovich and Mickey O'Connor field your burning questions!

I'm desperate to know, is James Denton (Mike) coming back to Desperate Housewives? And are they leaving Gaby frumpy? - Barbara
Matt Mitovich:
As teased by this Mega Minute and confirmed here, Denton is coming back in some sort of capacity. As for Gabrielle staying "frumpy," 1) Eva undoubtedly takes great offense to that characterization, and 2), let's just say that Gabs "won't be herself" this season.

Can you please tell me when during Season 8 Kristin Kreuk will be back on Smallville? And how many episodes will Lana be in? - Ian
At this early point, all I can say is that KK will not be back for the season opener, since that eppy is already chock full of Justice Leaguing goodness. Kristin will be back, though, for multiple episodes (or specifically five, if this Canadian version of ET is to be believed).

Is Amber really dead on House? I hope it was just a dream that House had. - Darlene
Mickey O'Connor:
According to my source, there's no tricky business going on. She's just dead.

I heard that Rikki (Jacqueline Pinol) is coming back to CSI: NY. Tell me that is not true. - Mar
OK, it's not true. (But it is, says a CBS rep.)

Is Ice-T gone from Law & Order: SVU? - Stephanie
I'm hearing that Fin's abrupt request for a transfer will be explained in the season premiere. But wait, there's more SVU news: Stabler's mother will come for a visit, and it will be an "explosive" one. But wait, there's even more SVU news further down the page.

Lots of people (mainly Mer/Der fans) are wondering if Lauren Stamile is going to be returning to Grey's Anatomy for Season 5. Please tell me Rose is going die from a "diabetic coma" or something, never to return. - Carlie
Usually I try to give the "Please Tell Me" folks what they want (even more so if they offer cookies), but in this case I cannot. As I scooped on Monday, Rose is around for at least the two-hour season premiere, if not a tiny bit longer.

Can you give me scoop on The Unit, Cashmere Mafia, Women's Murder Club and Men in Trees? Berylee
"Three of those shows are canceled," sources tell me exclusively.

I'm looking forward to the new season of Saving Grace. Any scoop? Alisa
Last we saw Ms. Hanadarko, she had a gun planted in the mouth of serial child molester Father Patrick Murphy's (guest star Rene Auberjonois), but aborted the revenge mission upon learning that angel Earl was the clergyman's fine-feathered friend, too. Let's just say the priest may wish she had pulled the trigger.

Is the Jonas Brothers' Disney Channel show, J.O.N.A.S!, still happening? - Rebecca
OMG, yes! The bad news: Shooting doesn't even start until September, which means that J.O.N.A.S! won't be hitting the air much before January 2009.

It's my birthday today and the best present ever would be scoop on David Anders' return to Heroes. - Sasha
Since I'm a day late anyway at this point, you'll have to settle for this: I just previewed the "Going Postal" webisode series debuting July 14 on NBC.com, and Kiko Ellsworth (aka Port Charles' Jamal) is a literal scream as a new hero.

Eli Stone - alive or dead for the 2008-09 season? - Barb
It... is... alive! (My handy, months-old Fall TV grid so needs a better publicist.) Heck, George Michael might even put in an encore.

With Ugly Betty moving production to New York, will we get more Judith Light appearances on Law & Order: SVU? - Jose
Yes way, Jose! Executive producer Neal Baer confirms that there are plans for Light to don Liz Donnelly's judicial robes again this season.

Mickey's Mega Rave: The Secret Life of the American Teenager is no Juno, but Molly Ringwald, as the pregnant teen's mom, Anne, shows us a great new side of our old pal Samantha Baker. Far from the remote princesses she played as a big-screen teen, Ringwald's Anne is a compassionate parent who is perhaps more complicated than she first appears, making us eager to see how she reacts when her goody-two-shoes kid drops the P-bomb. Ringwald makes Secret Life's otherwise conventional look at high-school drama worth watching - even if doing so makes us feel 300 years old.

Matt's Mini Rant: Speaking of parental units, can I ask the tabs for a moratorium on sound bites in "support" of a new celebrity mom/dad? "McConaughey Will Be a 'Great Father,' Says Friend" and "Alba Will Be a 'Loving Mom,' Says Onetime Costar" do not merit headlines. Now, outing someone as a lousy parent-to-be, that's journalistic gold!

Reader Quote of the Week: "I knew that Jensen Ackles wouldn't make the cut [for Emmy semifinalists]. There is no respect for that genre at all. What, do they think all that people in horror/sci-fi do is run from monsters and chant Latin? There is acting going on, people!" ( mtee)

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