Stana Katic, Emily Van Camp, Tracy Spiradakos Stana Katic, Emily Van Camp, Tracy Spiradakos

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I'm worried that Castle has nowhere to take Beckett now that her mom's murder has been solved. Make me feel better? — Valerie
Stana Katic doesn't think you should be worried. "There's a certain amount of closure, but it doesn't mean that the tale is done," she says. In fact, Katic is finding it much more fun to play the "new" Beckett. "She's more lethal because she's thinking more clearly. She's not running on emotion anymore," she says. "She's become more dangerous to the bad guys." Sounds like Castle better stay in line!

Will Emily get Revenge on Ashley for dating Daniel? — Mary
She certainly has a few tricks up her sleeve. "You're going to find that Ashley is not a random friend for Emily," creator Mike Kelley tells us. "There's a reason that Emily chose her to be her entrée into the Hamptons world, so she's got a few cards to play against Ashley should she choose to use them. I also think that there were true feelings involved between Emily and Daniel that she has to resolve in her head. She still has affection for him. Love on Daniel's side for Emily is going to cause a problem between Daniel and Ashley."

Totally loving Revolution! How will Maggie's death impact the show? —Wes
As we have already seen, Maggie's death hit pretty close to home for Charlie. However, look for that sadness and pain to ultimately harden her. "You're going to see Charlie try to lose hope, try to be more like Miles," executive producer David Rambo tells us. "If she thinks that this is what you have to do to survive, she's going to try to do it."

When will Regina learn about her true origin on Once Upon a Time? — Sam
Oh, that Regina is the child promised to Rumplestiltskin? They haven't filmed it yet, says Lana Parrilla. "At this point, Regina doesn't have the knowledge that she is the child. There is a hint that he has held her as a baby and she's kind of freaked-out." Still, Regina has other things to worry about considering she needs to turn her attention to rescuing Emma and Snow. "There's conflicting feelings around Emma and Mary Margaret being gone," Parrilla says. "There's celebratory moments typically, and then, 'OMG, without them, I still don't have Henry. I need them in order to have a relationship with Henry.'" So look for that to heat up now that Henry's been left to live with Grandpa Charming.

What happens on Gossip Girl now that Serena's new man knows the truth about her? — Felicia
Now that she has nothing to hide, Serena and her beau will relocate to Manhattan, where she's determined to make a new life without her old friends. Perhaps derailing that: Steven has a pretty huge secret he's been keeping from Serena. Worse, the secret is mixed up with one of those old friends Serena's so desperate to leave behind.

Is Elena going to be a Debbie Downer throughout her transition? She looks so mopey in all The Vampire Diaries pictures! — Charlie
OK, we'll admit that Elena doesn't look so thrilled in this photo, but executive producer Julie Plec promises that there will be fun times ahead for the newbie vamp. "She's going to go through a little bit of everything. One of the things we set out to do this year was to show the experience becoming of vampire — highs, lows, warts and all." Plus: a little crow tells us that a very happy Elena parties it up so much in an early episode that she even does a keg stand! (No, not of blood! Ew.)

I'm enjoying Vegas so far. Anything you can tell me about what's ahead? — Samanatha
Although Sherriff Lamb clearly has it out for Savino, the mobster should be looking over his shoulder at his own people. (In other words: Savino will soon be dodging bullets fired by men without badges.) Meanwhile, Lamb might want to keep his eye on brother/deputy Jack. "Jack sets his eyes on Mia Rizzo [Sarah Jones], the daughter of a mob captain who works in the count room at the Savoy Hotel," executive producer Greg Walker says. "It's a kind of Romeo-and-Juliet story."

Can't wait for Michonne and the Governor! Will we meet any other Walking Dead characters from the comics this season? — John
Keep a sharp eye, and maybe one of these handy, because by the end of the premiere, you will meet at least one previously unannounced character from the comics. We'll only tease that the person is alive — for now.

Anything you can share about the 100th episode of The Mentalist? — Emma
It's a bit of an origin story, creator Bruno Heller tells us. Viewers will get to see Jane's first days working with the CBI. That means seeing old faces again (welcome back, Gregory Itzin!), as well as seeing familiar characters in a new light. "It's a great chance to see Jane as he once was and the team as they were before he joined and what they all gave to each other," Heller says. But will anyone look a little different? "We've ordered five fat suits," Heller jokes.

So glad New Girl is back on the air! Any scoop? — Jennie
Jess' lesbian gynecologist friend Sadie (June Diane Raphael) is returning! Not only will she come back with a partner, but she'll also be pregnant, sending both Jess and Cece into a tailspin as they realize their baby clocks are ticking.

Who's going to be the new villain on Justified this season? — Jacob
Executive producer Graham Yost previously teased that there may not be just one, but several antagonists with smaller arcs. That seems to indeed be the case, according to Walton Goggins. "[We're] returning back to the roots of this story — the simplicity of bucolic place — and coming back to principal players," he says. That ultimately means more time for Boyd and Raylan to get in each other's faces. "Their relationship has always been contentious, but Boyd has always maintained that they are friends, while Raylan maintains that they are enemies," Goggins says. "I wouldn't be surprised if [this season] Boyd doesn't finally come to the conclusion that, 'You know what? We aren't friends and I don't like you, Raylan.'"

I don't like that Leonard will have a love interest on The Big Bang Theory! — Muriel
Then you probably won't like that Penny will have one too! When Penny returns to school (yup, she's finally getting a higher education), she'll befriend a hot, young college guy whom Leonard will not trust one bit — and he probably won't be pleased when the guy enlists Penny to be in his student film. Say it all together now: Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

Adam's Mega Rave: Congrats to Dexter for finally learning that consequences not only matter, but they also can reinvigorate a show I was thisclose to breaking up with. Don't let me down now!

Natalie's Mini Rant: Revolution's first death would've been a lot more heartbreaking had the news that Anna Lise Phillips was being written out of the show not come out back in — wait for it — May!

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