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So excited for Bones to come back! What can you tell me about this season's new villain? — Brittany
Creator Hart Hanson tells us that if The Gravedigger was the "evil" version of Brennan and Jacob Broadsky was the "evil" version of Booth, then Christopher Pellant, the show's tech-savvy new killer, is the "evil" version of... Booth and Brennan's baby!? "It's too creepy to say that it's like, 'What if Booth and Brennan's baby grew up to be a horrible serial killer?'" Hanson says with a laugh. "But thematically, they have to deal with two things this year that are a combination of the two of them. One's the baby, and the other is this big baddie."

I really don't want Daniel to die on Revenge. At least tell me who his killer is. — Melissa
Let's put together some facts: Executive producer Mike Kelley has previously said that the second half of the season will show the trial of Daniel's murderer, so yeah, it looks like he's going to die. Now, the show is currently looking for an actor to play a high-powered attorney who will defend... Conrad in court. Could he really have killed his own son?

Are we ever going to see sparks between Eric and Calleigh on CSI: Miami this season? — Jessica
Producer Barry O'Brien says that the show will very soon stoke that fire, but perhaps not in the way you'd like. "Delko is going to catch [Calleigh] kissing a guy goodbye in the morning, which will be a flashpoint for Delko," O'Brien says. "On the other side of the coin, Delko is getting slowly involved with a suspect from Episode 4." But fear not: The ends may justify the means. "Both of these [events] will challenge their commitment to that decision to be friends exclusively," O'Brien says. "This may be a relationship that, in the end, is just too strong to resist." Hope!

So annoyed that the World Series pre-empted the return of Peter on Fringe. Spoilers, please! — James
Peter's return is well worth the wait. His first meeting with Walter, however, doesn't go so well. Eventually though, Peter will earn his father's trust when the Fringe Division has a nasty run-in with the surviving shapeshifter. Plus: We'll learn why Nina Sharp and Olivia are thick as thieves in this timeline.

Anything juicy coming up for Olivia on Law & Order: SVU? — Daniel
Benson will be put in a tough spot with Detective Amaro when he asks her to corroborate the details of a gun bust on the stand that she didn't witness first-hand. The prospect of disappointing her partner coupled with the hard-charging tactics of Andre Braugher's civil liberties attorney will have Benson questioning whether she has the strength to continue in this line of work.

Please tell me we've heard the last of Lily and Marshall moving to the suburbs on How I Met Your Mother? — Laura
Sorry, Laura, but that subject will rear its ugly head again when someone offers to buy their apartment. It's funny though: The subsequent debate between the pair and Robin about where is best to raise their child may just save them from getting mugged.

It's been a while since we've had any good Mentalist scoop. — Will
When Jane and the CBI investigate a serial killer in Thursday's episode, Jane gets to know a blogger who has dedicated the last year of his life to researching the case. Before long, Jane realizes that the blogger's obsession mirrors his own history of tracking Red John, whose name comes up more than a few times in the episode. Coincidence? Hardly.

Got any scoop on the next season of True Blood? — Tina
Looks like more werewolves are coming to town — including the not-so-dearly-departed Marcus' mother — and they're not too fond of the new pack leader (Alcide?). In other news, we'll meet Holly's two sons, who are described as being "hunters." We're thinking they might have something in common with the townfolk of Salem, which is bad news for the gang from Ye Olde Shoppe of Scented Candles and Reanimation. (Then again, there are plenty of things to hunt in Bon Temps, no?)

I could use some good Parenthood scoop. — Sally
Three words: Braverman road trip! When Zeek decides to visit his mother to celebrate her 86th birthday, the whole clan tags along. The trip is, naturally, chock-full of disasters (including one particularly bad motel stay), but the biggest obstacle may be the birthday girl herself, who, even in her old age, is a tough old bat. Hopefully, witnessing the pure joy that is the Braverman dinner table will soften her a bit.

Have you fallen under the spell of Once Upon a Time? I hope so! Because I'm craving scoops! — Sherrie
Since Emma has been booted from the local inn, it's time for a mother/daughter sleepover! Emma will begrudgingly make use of Snow White Mary Margaret's spare room. Speaking of Snow, she'll save her Prince Charming, whose real name we'll learn this week, in both universes. True love prevails... though that may be the real curse.

Got any good dirt on The Closer? — Elizabeth
Ready to meet Sgt. Gabriel's girlfriend? So are his colleagues! We'll all have the chance when the recent law school graduate — who has been living with Gabriel for a year! — accompanies him to a crime scene, where she'll offer Brenda some sage legal advice that ultimately may crack the case. They better get her on retainer quick!

Are we ever going to find out what "the whisper" is on The Walking Dead? — Jeffrey
Well, if one of our theories is correct, we might find out this week!

Adam's Mega Rave: Helmets off to Sons of Anarchy for not being afraid to take bold storytelling steps this season. Clay's descent into even further evil can't possibly end well, but it's been riveting at every turn. (And trust me, you ain't seen nothin' yet.)

Natalie's Mini Rant: Dear The Good Wife: We know that Alicia shouldn't be with Peter, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Will is the best choice for her either. And no, we don't feel sorry for him because she doesn't want him to meet her kids. Love, Us.

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