WhenBetter Call Saul's first season ended, it seemed Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) was well on his way to becoming sleazy Saul Goodman. But as the early moments of Season 2 prove, not everything in that final scene is what it seemed.

The Season 2 premiere (Monday, Feb. 15 at 10/9c, AMC) features a crucial scene that shows you exactly why Jimmy turned down the offer from Davis and Main, and it's not because Jimmy wants to turn his back on the straight and narrow. Instead, Jimmy's rationale is very personal — and it's one that could bode well for his love life this season!

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That said, Jimmy's relationship with Davis and Main will take a few turns in the early going of the season, which will force Jimmy to do some soul-searching as he continues to figure out just how much he's willing (and able) to bend the law. But the real question might be: Will the aforementioned love life get in the way of Jmmy's "criminal" lawyering?

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