Maya Rudolph Maya Rudolph

The ridiculously overworked Tina Fey may be MIA from Saturday Night Live this weekend, but in keeping with the recent returns of Chris Parnell and Will Ferrell, another familiar alumnus is expected to put in an appearance.

Though unconfirmed by NBC, sources tell that Maya Rudolph will revisit her old stomping grounds this Saturday night, primarily to personify Barack Obama's wife, Michelle. Rudolph also is likely to surface in a "Bronx Beat' bit with Amy Poehler, it was reported earlier by TMZ.

Rudolph's return solves a "problem" SNL had been facing this election season, seeing as, short of Keenan Thompson in drag, the program had no one close to being a match for Mrs. Obama.

Rudolph, who flew the SNL coop last season, recently filmed a big-screen Sam Mendes comedy, playing wife to The Office's John Krasinski.