Matthew Fox had the last word when it came to protests from Columbia college seniors over the decision to have the

Lost star speak at this year's Class Day. "Some of you might be thinking, 'We got this guy, and Harvard got Bill Gates,'" Fox, an alum of the school, said at the pre-commencement event May 16. "Well there's an important distinction between myself and Mr. Gates: I actually graduated college." Fox - who earned a B.A. in economics from Columbia in 1989 - played wide receiver in a football game his senior year that broke Columbia's record-setting, 44-game losing streak. Not everyone was disappointed to see Fox, sporting a light blue graduation gown, as he addressed a crowd of 1,060 graduates and their familes. During his speech, some

Lost fans shouted out, "Go Jack!" Fox didn't slip any Lost season finale scoop into his speech, but he did leave the graduates with a few words of wisdom. "Live for your own passion, not the aspirations or expectations others have for you... as of tomorrow, you are the authors of your own life.' - Reporting by Erin S. Medley