Hey guess what, everybody! There's another superhero project inching closer to reality.

Fox has given the thumbs up to an untitled pilot set in the Marvel universe from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix with Bryan Singer set to direct, The Wrap reports. The project was first announced back in July.

The series will follow a pair of regular old unpowered parents who discover that their children possess mutant powers (superpowers, for those not in the know) and are forced to go on the run from a decidedly anti-mutant government that wants to lock them up in cages or worse. While on the lam, they hook up with an underground mutant network. Like other X-Men projects, including FX's upcoming drama Legion, the metaphors for unwelcome outsiders is timely.

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Should Fox pick up Nix's pilot to series — and Deadline says Fox is already over the moon about the script — it would boast the distinction of having original projects from both Marvel and DC Comics, which are rivals in the business. Gotham and Lucifer both hail from the DC print. Elsewhere, The CW dabbles exclusively in DC fare, whereas Netflix, FX and ABC are strictly Marvel folks.

Singer has a long history with the X-Men universe, having helped launch the cinematic series with X-Men and X2, and then re-launch it with X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, his most recent installment in the franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse, failed to live up to his previous X-Men work (although it still had nothing on the disastrous X-Men: The Last Stand).

Since ending Burn Notice, Nix has overseen two short-lived series, USA's Complications and FX's The Comedians. Might we suggest Complications' Jason O'Mara for the lead in Nix's new show? The guy fought dinosaurs, surely he can take on a few government goons.