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Where's the acceptance speech cut-off music when you need it?

Mariah Carey delivered her second bizarre acceptance speech in two nights on Wednesday night's People's Choice Awards when the 40-year-old diva won Favorite R&B Artist.

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After her name was announced, Carey could barely make it to the stage in her white mermaid gown, and husband Nick Cannon helped her up the steps. She thanked God, the fans and her crew, plus her hubby "for helping me with this dress because it's a drama" and the "many other things I probably shouldn't mention."

Watch the video:

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On Tuesday, Carey also delivered an interesting speech as she accepted her award for best breakthrough performance for Precious at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Carey, was all over the place with her thoughts, but she did apologize for being "a little bit, um....yeah." Click here to watch the speech.

Carey later admitted that she was tipsy from champagne that she was sharing with friend Lee Daniels, according to People.

"We'd been sitting there, celebrating this whole time and having little splashes, and I hadn't eaten," Carey said. "I love Lee, but he's a bad influence!"