This episode really took it out of me, and that "To Be Continued" - now I feel even more overwhelmed. Well, to help me get things straight, I'll make a time line of what's happened with Jenn and Tyrie so far. Tell me if I have this right.

Jenn comes to the Real World house and immediately has sex with another cast member, Alex. She regrets her decision because of her new friendship with Colie.

Later, Jenn still feels like crap about hooking up with Alex and decides to insult him and interview about how he disgusts her. Jenn and Alex get drunk in the middle of the day and have sex again and take a shower together. Jenn doesn't seem to feel as bad this time.

Jenn suddenly remembers she has a boyfriend, Jared, and is hysterical. She says she can't lose Jared. She tells Jared she got drunk and had sex with Alex once and got caught up in a moment. Jared makes Jenn feel bad because he hasn't hooked up with anyone. Jenn's sister tells Jenn he's made out with girls at bars many times.

Jenn feels stupid about being sort of honest, and her feelings for Jared disappear. Jenn develops a very generous view of Stephen's friend's appearance and throws herself at him. Stephen is not happy about this and is glowing during his confessional for some reason. Jenn's efforts are interrupted by Tyrie and Jazalle screaming at each other.

Throughout, Jenn continues to humiliate herself and draw on her eyebrows.

That can't be everything, can it? Well, wait. Now for Tyrie.

Tyrie meets Ashley at a bar and has sex with her. Tyrie meets Jazalle at a bar, but she won't have sex with him. Jazalle finds out about Ashley, and Tyrie tells Jazalle he didn't have sex with Ashley. Jazalle still hates Ashley and nicknames her Big Head. Tyrie isn't opposed to the idea of having a threesome with the two of them.

Tyrie and Jazalle fall in love. Probably since it was on camera, Tyrie tells Jazalle that he actually did have sex with Big Head. Jazalle is upset.

Tyrie and everyone else happen to go to a new bar where Big Head works. Jazalle also happens to go to this bar. Big Head happens to be Tyrie and his table's waitress.

Tyrie doesn't acknowledge Big Head. Jazalle is still upset and leaves. Tyrie doesn't care but calls Jazalle once he gets home. Jazalle is angry that Tyrie refers to Big Head by her real name. Jazalle is actually waiting outside of the house. It's still unclear what Jazalle and Tyrie are fighting about other than Big Head being pretty.

Tyrie repeatedly yells at Jazalle to listen to him. Jazalle repeatedly tells Tyrie not to yell at her. Jazalle walks into the house uninvited and sits in the bathroom and starts crying. Tyrie follows her and continues to yell at her to listen to him. Jazalle continues to tell him to stop yelling at her and tries to leave. Tyrie grabs her arm, pulls her back and won't let Jazalle's cousin or anyone else into the bathroom.

To Be Continued.... Whew. So do I have everything right? It still seems so confusing to me. Maybe I'm trying too hard to make sense of these people. But does Tyrie really get arrested? He can't leave the show, can he? That would kill me!